[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css_animation=”fadeIn”]TEHMINA DURRANI FOUNDATION (TDF) is a teaching initiative to transform society through a changed mindset. TDF’s objective is to create an equitable Social Welfare State. We believe that social activism is the first step to bring about a radical change in society, as has been the case in different Welfare States across the globe.

Following the instruction of the Muslim faith, the vision of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah for the Nation he founded, and the practice and guiding principles of Abdul Sattar Edhi, TDF has, since 2015 been working practically, as well as evolving it’s program for relevant initiatives such as women empowerment, poverty alleviation, provision of free housing to the homeless and access to health facilities.

Since 2015, TDF has undertaken the following social initiatives:

  • Laptop distribution: 1400 laptops were distributed among APS Peshawar Students by TDF initiative through the Government of Punjab.
  • Acid victims: As TD pioneered the battle against Acid Terrorism, by creating awareness to the horrific case of Fakhra Younas, who was treated in Italy, TDF is continuing to work for the implementation of the law against acid terrorism.
  • Health: TDF provided complete treatment to 70 patients and arranged funds for the treatment of 8 patients in specialized hospitals abroad.
  • Women empowerment: TDF is aggressively pursuing women empowerment initiatives through innovative skill development programs including access to market linkages. TDF has taken legal and protective measures for women in dire circumstances with no access to justice.
  • Food security: TDF Arranged Ramadan Iftar for 26,000 needy people during its founding year at the first donated land site, on main Multan Road in 2017. TDF will be arranging Ramadan Packages, for KPK (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) and Punjab. TDF will provide 30 days of ‘Iftar’ on its first site: main Multan Road Lahore.
  • Shelters for the Needy: TDF has provided rental assistance to many homeless families, and intends to provide low cost housing societies to the homeless across Pakistan

In line with the mission of Abdul Sattar Edhi, TDF has developed a two-tier strategy;

  • To make existing programs sustainable and widespread with macro societal impact.
  • Launch other initiatives in order to spread the concept of humanitarianism and tolerance from the highest to the lowest rung of society.

The objective of TDF’s fund mobilization strategy is to create ownership of it’s philosophy and shared common beliefs at all levels. This approach will result in accelerating the implementation of TDF’s various programs as well as promoting its final goal of a Social Welfare State.

Presently TDF generates funds from within it’s close circle, however, we require an expansion of our fund base to meet fast emerging financial requirements.

TDF requires the donation of land to build retirement homes for senior citizens and widows, skill centres, TDF teaching institutes and healthcare centres across Pakistan. So far we have been donated 6 sites across Pakistan.

TDF invites you to support our current and future programs with your generous assistance.

If we can be the first and only nuclear state, together we can surely convert Pakistan into the first and only Muslim Social Welfare State.

Kind regards,



Founder TDF

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