Mission and Vision

To the people of our world,

Assalam o Alaikum,

When I presented the TDF incorporation document to Abdul Sattar Edhi Sahib in 2015, he put both hands on it, shut his eyes and said to Bilquise Edhi, Faisal Edhi, and me,

“My mission has NOW begun!” By which he meant that his lifelong effort was now set to spread globally as a compulsory and potent Ideology.He told me to work “wholesale’, meaning, do everything to make this happen.

“Be fearless and upfront, no matter what the consequence. Never feel alone in carrying my mission forward, people will come to you themselves when you undertake this responsibility. Focus on TDF… and not the result. As it is God’s work, the credit singularly belongs to Him alone, therefore, failure and success should not be your concern.” A.S EDHI

I have taken the first step on the trajectory Edhi sahib instructed. TDF will concentrate on the following objectives.

A. TDF has been initiated as a Global Movement of Learning.

Established under the austere supervision of the Edhi Foundation’s personnel, TDF operates on the identical, scrupulous method of low cost, high profit, transparent, accessible and indiscriminate model of Edhi Foundation.

TDF teaching centers will integrate with Edhi Foundation’s ambulance services and essential medical facilities, to reach the most deprived sectors across Pakistan, as well as wherever else in the world it is required and accommodated by donors of land.

TDF will inculcate the Edhi Ideology to commence a ‘Humanitarian Jihad’ across the world…as a counter narrative to ‘Militant Jihad.’

To impart this powerful instruction, TDF shall go back to the time of our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), by reinitiating the concept of teaching through storytellers.

TDF Storytellers will convey the message of ‘humanitarianism’ with methods applicable to different age groups and redirect people – especially the youth – towards the most fundamental instruction of Islam across the remotest parts of Pakistan.

Ambassadors shall be trained to present the accurate and undisputed humanitarian, tolerant and indiscriminate image of Islam at the highest world forums.

B. In Edhi Sahib’s words, “Bilquise warrants 99% for Edhi Foundations success”.

At TDF an empowered woman is therefore a natural status.In my own experience, the single practical realization of a woman’s empowerment is Economic Independence.

TDF will uphold the symbol of Hadjra, a black Ethiopian slave, spurned and disowned by society as the lowest of the low, and yet the wife of Abraham, mother of Ismail founder of Islam, housed and buried beside the Holy Kiblah, in the semi circle known as ‘The Hateem’.

The Quran COMMANDS that if the Hateem is not included in circumambulating the Kabba, “Your Hajj is NOT accepted!”

Therefore TDF will reclaim the undeniable position God conferred upon Hadjra for all Muslim Women to inherit; economic independence in current times is a TDF prerequisite.

TDF ambassadors and storytellers, ensuing the identical method of instilling the Edhi Ideology, shall indoctrinate Hadjra’s ‘reality’ across Pakistan and throughout the world, until the Force Of Muslim Women unite to reclaim their originally intended Islamic rank.

In the spirit of Hadjra’s faith and struggle as the key to attain the miracle waters of ‘ZamZam’ in Makkah, S.A, TDF aims to generate clean drinking water to every parched sector of the population in Pakistan, as well as to all other underdeveloped countries.

C. The world will soon be ruled not by us, but by the children of today…the leaders of tomorrow.

It is fundamentally clear that the consequences of war have deeply effected too many of them. Having witnessed the inexplicable toll of war on the children of Afghanistan, Kashmir, Palestine and the overlooked but clearly predictable terrorist spillover into Pakistan, as well as the rest of the world, TDF is committed to secure the future of the planet, by safeguarding the children of ALL and any war across the world.

Poverty, child abuse, child labour, child prisoners, street children, sex slaves, child beggars, young domestic staff, inadequate health facilities, disparity in education, unequal opportunities, injustice, unemployment, the dowry system, homelessness, and  the unequal distribution of wealth are indisputably termed by TDF as War Zones. TDF aspires to provide complete rehabilitation, earnest therapy, and wide-ranging skills across Pakistan and wherever in the world that our services are desperately needed and welcomed.

TDF intends to strive on a war footing to provide free housing to the homeless through low cost methods adopted by developed countries, until which time, TDF, with the assistance from a prosperous community of a conscious citizenry, has already taken responsibility of many deprived families across Pakistan.

D. TDF is committed by conscience to the people of Pakistan.

This is a responsibility I have never evaded, and shall continue to pursue, no matter who governs. Therefore TDF shall not hesitate to draw attention to all and any neglect in the performance of an authority employed by the people to serve the best interest of their welfare.

I have unwavering faith, that in taking on this epic duty, TDF will very rapidly become a major contributor to the healthy evolution of the world. In accordance with Islamic instructions, and the Founder of our Nation, Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s prescription, as well as the Edhi Ideology, a new, committed leadership shall soon emerge to transform Pakistan, from the age of Jahalia (ignorance) into the first Muslim Welfare State_Our ultimate goal. TDF will neither rest nor pause nor falter in this initiative.

I shall need the counsel, manpower, moral support, funding, and every possible assistance of all those concerned with the above outlined ‘Correction of Direction’. I shall value any viable, potent, and swift formula to create a compassionate world for us to leave behind. This, as we all know, is OUR only time to contribute.Needless to say, your benefaction will strengthen my already unshakable resolve to serve our world – and yet I know well that this is going to be a very lonely path.

TDF is a responsibility for which I alone am solely accountable.TDF is not a birthright. It is not a hereditary enterprise to benefit my children and family. TDF belongs to the people of the world, as does the Edhi Foundation.

As the entire TDF network will be associated with Edhi Foundation, at my death, its assets, accounts, corporations, and works shall legally and immediately be transferred to the Edhi Foundation.

TDF is my humble salute of allegiance to The Only ‘Practical Sufi Saint, Abdul Sattar Edhi, Founder of Edhi Foundation. He redefined the rest of my life…just as he gave away his own in its entirety.

I shall need your prayers at every step,


Tehmina Durrani